British Satellite

Watch all the Freesat and Sky channels just as you would in the UK. BBC, ITV, Channel4, Five, Sky-sports, Sky-movies and many more. Since early 2014 it has become much more challenging to receive a robust and reliable signal from the Astra2 satellite constellation (28.2°east) in the SW France. This is due to the replacement fleet of spacecraft (Astra 2E, 2F & 2G) having a narrower signal footprint than their predecessors. The required dish sizes now range from 85cm diameter for locations north of Agen up to 1.50 metres towards the Pyrenees. The larger the dish the finer the alignment required.

It’s also important to understand that the satellite signal now fluctuates with the seasons, throughout late April to September the signal can be around 20% lower than the rest of the year, this is when a marginal signal will become apparent. Fortunately we have extensive experience installing larger dishes and overcoming the problem of fringe signals, gained whilst working as an installer in Andratx, Mallorca. In order to obtain a robust signal it is now essential that the equipment installed is of the highest quality, and it really does not pay to cut corners. Our extensive testing and experience allows us to select the equipment that works best for your exact location.

We understand that a large satellite dish is not something most clients wish to see, so we make special efforts to find a discreet position in which to install the dish. A good proportion of our larger dishes are in fact fitted to a pole tucked away in the garden where they are much less obtrusive.  Contact us via the website or telephone direct to discuss your requirements.