Home surveillance gives you peace of mind and is a useful tool for deterring criminals. It can also provide valuable evidence if you are unfortunate enough to be targeted. Our systems are particularly popular with clients whose properties are left unattended for extended periods, such as holiday homes.  Our discreet cameras are accessible remotely via the internet and can be viewed on Smartphone, Tablet or PC. Motion detection alerts can be configured so that you’ll be instantly aware of any activity at your property wherever you are in the world. Night vision allows the cameras to operate in the dark and a built in microphone provides an audio link too. Unlike most systems our equipment does not require a monthly fee for cloud based access and the recorder (NVR) capacity can be expanded to store as many hours of footage as desired. The software and App that are used to view and control the system is intuitive to use and sensibly laid out. It is possible to change all recording parameters remotely via your PC. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.