In order to operate TV reception equipment on France you will need a French TV license. This is paid automatically with your annual Taxe de Habitation bill unless you specifically opt out.

Why does my TV picture sometimes break up or freeze?

There are several reasons why this may occur. Unless your decoder box is becoming faulty the usual cause is a weak satellite signal, which may be due to a poorly aligned dish. A dish that is slightly too small for your area may perform satisfactorily during good weather or when the satellite signal is strongest (Oct – March) but problems are likely to occur when the signal strength becomes more critical. If this happens we can visit you to check the signal with our professional equipment and make any necessary adjustments.

I already have a satellite dish on my property can it be used for British broadcasts?

It depends whether the dish is of a suitable size for your location. If you have inherited a French satellite installation from previous owners it is unlikely to be of sufficient size for UK TV.

How do I know if my installer is registered to work in France?

All legitimate French based artisans will have a valid Siret number. This can be used to check their credentials at verif.com and will even tell you what type of works they are authorised to carry out. This is particularly important to check if you are employing a professional to carry out works on your property as you won’t have any recourse should something go wrong if they are not registered and insured for the services they provide you.

Can I receive French and British broadcasts with the same dish?

If you have a suitable UK dish installed it is possible to use an adaptor head to allow reception of TNTSAT broadcasts. (Depending on the dish manufacturer). You will need a separate TNTSAT decoder.

Can I receive Sky channels in France?

It is technically possible to receive all the Sky channels in France and the dish size and alignment required is the same for Freesat. You will need to organise a Sky contract at a UK address or simply bring your existing box and card to France. Sky cards are paired to a specific Digibox so you cannot just bring the card and use it in another Digibox.

My internet speed is very slow what are the options?

Please contact us with your full address and we will see if you are eligible for a Wimax radio connection or alternatively we can set you up with a satellite internet connection. Please see our page about rural broadband.

My WiFi signal only works in part of my property, what can be done?

This is very common due to the thick stone walls found in many of the properties in our part of France. Fortunately we specialise in expanding WiFi networks throughout exactly these type of properties and even into outdoor area such as terraces. Phone us to discuss your requirements and we can advise you on your options.

Will you install equipment that we have already purchased?

We are happy to set-up a satellite decoder a client already owns as part of a dish installation that we are contracted to complete. However we will only install dishes that we have supplied. This is because we need to be sure that the dish is of the correct type and of suitable quality. Dishes of the same size will not necessarily perform equally; some cheaper 1 metre dishes actually perform worse than far smaller dishes, hence our strict policy on supply of reception equipment.