Satellite Internet

Satellite internet is now a well established means to connect outlying properties. We have been installing systems since 2002. In the early days the cost of the equipment and monthly packages were prohibitive, fortunately nowadays packages are available from just 10.95€/month. Satellite internet is available almost everywhere, so if you have purchased a property and subsequently found that ADSL is not available don’t worry, we have a solution. There are certain limitations to satellite internet to be considered which include; fixed monthly data quotas and a slight latency or delay. Whilst it is possible to use Skype and VOIP via satellite you should bear in mind that there will be a short delay on voice data transmissions. It is not recommended for gaming applications for the same reason. This short delay is due to the 144,000km round trip that your data travels via satellite, so we think that it’s quite understandable under the circumstances!