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Our Business

Euroinstallations has been established in France since 2004. We have worked in antenna technologies since 1996 having trained and worked at aerospace manufacturer EADS Astrium, who produced and launched the satellites used today for receiving UK TV and satellite internet. Our engineering background gives us the skills and technical insight required to carry out installations to a very high standard. In line with client needs and technology advances we have evolved our services from solely supplying satellite systems to now focusing extensively on Wifi and Internet based solutions.

Our success over the years is due to the flexible approach we offer clients; creating systems that best suit their needs rather than simply offering a limited range of options. Client satisfaction is extremely important to us, and if you have an issue we really do want to know so that it can be resolved quickly to your complete satisfaction. Whatever project you wish to undertake you can depend on us for honest and knowledgeable guidance.


We always provide our clients with a clear cost estimate before any works commence. We use only the highest quality equipment, carefully selected for robust service and reliability. For example, where some installers might install a budget dish to receive UK satellite we realise that it is very important to select a good quality antenna. Whilst a budget dish might perform adequately during periods of good weather, you will often encounter picture break-up during adverse weather or at the times of the year when the satellite signal is at its weakest. We apply exactly the same principles to equipment used in our other types of installation such a Wifi networks and CCTV. In short, if you’re looking for a robust and reliable installation it’s always worth investing that little bit extra. Contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.


If your installation goes wrong we are here to help. Our years of experience allow us to quickly identify the root cause of most faults and then swiftly resolve the issue. We have professional diagnostic equipment, always carry a full range of spare parts and will normally be able to fix a problem during a single visit. Whether your satellite has been put out of alignment by high winds and needs adjustment, or your equipment has been damaged by a power-surge or lightning strike we’ll soon have you back up and running again.

After-Sales Service

If you have any issue with your system you should contact us as soon as possible in order for us to find a solution. Most problems can be resolved over the phone by our friendly support service, and if not we can assess the likely causes and arrange to visit with any spare parts that may be needed. The good reputation of our business is extremely important and we maintain this by always backing up our high quality installations with first class customer support. In the unlikely event of a problem we won’t let you down.



Thankfully there are now a good range of options for supplying fast internet to underserved properties. Please contact us stating your full address, and current ISP details and we can check if you are eligible for alternative services such as 4G, Starlink, Wimax or Satellite internet.

This is very common due to the stone construction used extensively in south-west France. We specialise in expanding Wifi networks throughout problem areas using various techniques. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we can advise on the best options.

In order to operate TV reception equipment in France you will need a French TV license. This is paid automatically with your Taxe de Habitation bill unless you specifically opt out.

There are several reasons why this may occur. Unless your decoder box is starting to develop a fault the usual cause is a weak satellite signal, which may be due to a poorly aligned dish, damaged cable or LNB. Bear in mind that a dish that is slightly too small for your area may perform satisfactorily during good weather or when the satellite signal is strongest (Oct – March) but problems are likely to occur when the signal strength becomes more critical. If this happens we can visit you to check the signal with our professional equipment and make any necessary adjustments.

It depends whether the dish is of a suitable size for your location. If you have inherited a French satellite installation from previous owners it is unlikely to be of sufficient size for UK TV.

If you have a suitable UK dish it may be possible to use an adaptor head to allow reception of TNTSAT broadcasts. You will also need a separate TNTSAT decoder.

It is technically possible to receive all the Sky channels in France and the dish size and alignment required is the same as for Freesat. You will need to organise a Sky contract at a UK address or simply bring your existing box and card to France. Sky cards are paired to a specific Digibox so you cannot simply bring the card and use it in another Digibox.

We are happy to set-up a satellite decoder that a client already owns as part of a dish installation that we are contracted to complete. However we will only install dishes that we have supplied. This is because we need to ensure that the dish is of the correct type and of suitable quality. Dishes of the same size will not necessarily perform equally; some cheaper 1 metre dishes actually perform worse than better quality smaller dishes. The same principle applies to Wifi equipment as we cannot be held responsible for reliability of equipment we not familiar with.

All legitimate French based artisans will have a valid Siret number. This can be used to check their credentials at verif.com and will even tell you what type of works they are authorised to carry out. This is particularly important if you are employing a professional to carry out works on your property as you won’t have any recourse should something go wrong if they are not registered and insured for the services they provide you.