TV in France

UKTV On-Demand

With the advent of faster internet speeds in rural France it is now possible for many clients to receive all their UK channels via internet/VPN instead of a more traditional satellite system. There are several benefits to this method: the ability to watch both Live television and Catch-up services, no large satellite dish required, plus easier management of any subscription services such as Sky. The equipment we install comes with all the main UK TV channels, is highly reliable and comes with its own remote control, so your user experience is as simple as using satellite. Free TV services include: BBC iPlayer, ITV, Channel4, Five, News & Radio. Additional paid subscription services include: Now TV (Sky), BT Sports, UK Netflix, Prime Video UK.

British Satellite TV

Until recently satellite was the usual method for watching British TV in France. Here in the South-West the Astra2 satellite signal is now considerably weaker than pre-2014. Depending on your exact location the required dish size now ranges from 85cm to 150cm. Your satellite dish needs to be accurately aligned and of a very good quality, as this will make a significant difference to the reliability of your viewing. We have highly sensitive alignment equipment and 20 years experience installing satellite dishes in fringe receptions areas, so will always provide the best possible installation for your particular location. It should be noted that the signal strength fluctuates considerably dependant on the time of year, and is particularly weak from May to September each year, meaning that without the correct equipment and an accurate alignment you may lose certain channels during the summer months, particularly the HD channels. If you experience this type of issue we can advise on necessary measures such as professional realignment or possibly a dish upgrade. We understand that a large satellite dish is not something most clients wish to see, so we do make special efforts to find a discreet position in which to install your dish. A good proportion of our larger dishes are in fact mounted on a pole tucked away in the garden, where they are far less obtrusive. You can opt for either the non-subscription Freesat channels such as: BBC, ITV, Channel4 and Five, or supplement these with a Sky subscription and Digibox.

French TV

French Channels can be received via Terrestrial Aerial, Satellite dish or Internet (IPTV) if your connection French Channels can be received via Terrestrial Aerial, Satellite dish or Internet (IPTV) if your connection speed is sufficient. There are a good range of free channels via TNT, TNTSAT and Fransat or if you require more choice you can opt for a pay TV service from Canal Plus. Wherever possible we now recommend IPTV, which is available as an option from the main Internet Service Providers such as Orange, Bouygues and SFR. However we are equally equipped to install an external antenna when internet speeds are insufficient.

Other Languages

We can also install equipment to receive TV broadcasts from other countries. These include: German, Swiss, Dutch, US, Spanish, Arabic, and Italian channels. A second satellite dish is normally required, but in some cases it is possible to fit an adaptor to an existing UK satellite dish, or an IPTV option may also be available.